A classy bunch

The Trop Med crew
The course had a great bunch of locals and us foreigners to kick around with. When not at school, we often progressed to continue education at ‘College’ which may or may not have been the College Arms pub down the road. Comedy nights, West African music (Salif Keifta = awesome) concerts, sports days, domination of board game evenings and maybe some more time at the pub seemed to absorb plenty of the evenings and skittled any hairbrained plans I had to try and get fit whilst in London. With the sun setting at 4pm, constant choice of only rain, wind or snow and dodgy London suburbs meant by running shoes are still looking fresh.
Alice and I led the way with a quiz about New Zealand to the class, which we hoped would spurn the multi-cultural class to share a bit about their country too. ‘Feel inside, and stuff like that’ by Flight of the Conchords went down a treat but there was a distinct lack of rugby knowledge with no-one knowing who Richie McCaw was.

Exams came and went pretty rapidly, and it was with sadness but a good post exam blowout that we all split our own ways. Hopefully a few might be tempted to travel to or make the big move to NZ at some stage.

Dave with a spot of Sangria before Salif Kiefta concert

Dave with a spot of Sangria before Salif Kiefta concert

So much for tropical medicine...

So much for tropical medicine…

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