Thanks for coming to have a read.

I am working down at the literal bottom of the world, at the Geographic South Pole, as part of the United States Antarctic Program, run by the National Science Foundation. I will be there for 10 months from January until November, including six months continuous of darkness. This blog will hopefully act as a portal in to life there. I would encourage you to comment on posts, ask questions, or click on the link to follow the blog.

This blog is in continuation of a blog I tried to keep from my time in Zambia, and travels through Africa in 2013. If you want, you can go back and have a read about those times too.



3 Responses to About

  1. kaye Allardice-Green says:

    Hi, From Ward 29. Travel safe. Kaye, Narelle, Zoe, Emma, Colleen, Linta from the pm shift.

  2. Debbie Robinson says:

    Hamish Awesome to see you and the glorious Aurora on Sunday Prog. Just discovered your blog after looking again at the postcard you sent ICU. Barely recognised you with the beard but the voice saved the day. Thank you for letting us see all that Beauty down there. SPECTACULAR !!!
    By my reckoning from what the prog said you should have your 1st glimpse of the Sun now. Take care & good wishes for return & the marothon. Deb Robinson ICU Dunedin

  3. Mary Stella says:

    Thanks so much for your wonderful detailed ‘look’ at life at South. My daughter’s boyfriend is down for his second over winter and we are so interested in all the bits and pieces of how you guys survive down there. You’re a great writer and I am enjoying the practical details very much.

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